Trinity Vision employs LTU students throughout the year to work on numerous professional projects both internally and externally. Additionally, for 11 weeks of the year, we take part in the University’s professional placement programme.

We encourage students to take part right from their first placement period in Level 4, and take their first steps into the professional world. As it is becoming increasingly important for students to enter the workplace with experience and knowledge of the industry, we are happy to extend our time and resources to those students who are enthusiastic and dedicated to their craft, regardless of skill and experience level.

While we are here to facilitate student growth and engagement, we are also operating a professional production company. As such we have high standards and expectations of our students and require them to work to the best of their ability when they are with us, and display appropriate professional behaviour at all times. These are very intensive placements in which students are supported in learning and putting a variety of media related skills into practice, in a real-world context. As such we demand the highest levels of professionalism, hard work and enthusiasm possible.

If you are interested in applying for one of these student placements please contact the Employment Partnership team