Let’s have a chat about what you want! We love working on creative projects with like minded people.

After establishing the purpose of the project, our experienced crew will now take control with concept creation and putting the plan in to action.

We have an amazing range of cameras and other recording equipment, as well as being able to offer skills such as animation to produce content to a professional standard.

Each video is unique and so is its pricing. We can adapt projects to suit different budgets and have extremely competitive prices due to the way we work.


We try to use our excellent student crew (who have all been through training with Trinity Vision), as much as possible as it gives them incredible experience working on real life projects. However, we are proud that Trinity Vision is leading the way and saying no one should be expected to work for free. Therefore we are committed to paying students an hourly rate.

This will mean those on a tighter budget will get a lot more video for their money as they will pay the student cost rather the price for industry experts, and will still have a fantastic product at the end.

The students will have the support and direction from Trinity Vision staff who are experienced project managers and video creators, and can also be hired for their expertise.


We have access to fantastic equipment, studios and editing suite which are available for hire on a half or full day rate.